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It's alive!

Season 2009Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Wed, February 18, 2009 12:50:17

6 days after sowing, the first chinense varieties have emerged from the ground...smiley

Earliest variety this year was the F2 generation of my cross "Pequin de Ischia x Pimenta Morango" followed closely by the very beautiful Peru Scarlet Lantern and Habanero Petenero, which is a variety from Guatemala spread from a hot pepper forum by a pepper freak called Andres. It is a very pretty pepper, which looks a bit like a scotch bonnet type chinense pepper with a tail just like Trinidad Scorpion... Flavour is said to be very aromatic and heat varies from moderate to hot or very hot. It ripens from medium green to a vibrant yellow-orange... Hopefully this one will grow true to the variety, i.e. no crossing has occured in the seed stock I received... Have a look at the thread from the hot pepper forum here:

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Season started!

Season 2009Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Wed, February 11, 2009 15:05:09

And so it begins... The chinense varieties + interspecific crosses involving chinense have been sown today.

In a week, pubescens (just one, very early strain), annuums and baccatums will be put in the ground...

Se data for sprouting etc. here:

I have high hopes for my Pequin de Ischia x Pimenta Morango cross F2 generation and Donnie's Goat's Weed F2 (Orange Thai x Goat's Weed F2) generation.

Also, I am growing 4 different strains of 7 Pot, so this will be exciting, too.smiley I will be crossing the earliest strain + a very bumpy/pimpled strain with a very early and cold hardy annuum, Czechoslovakian Black, to hopefully create a nice variety for outdoor growing in colder climates like mine here in Denmark...

On the sweet side, I have several large-fruited pepper varieties for trial this year. A very nice Czech variety (Paprika Raná Oranzová, Vlasta) I bought in Prague some years ago has won hands down the last couple of years, even beating well-known early sweet pepper varieties like Buran, Healthy, King of the North, etc... I have concentrated on Eastern European varieties like Sorok Sari, Giant Szegedi and Paradicsom Alakum Sarga + bell type Gourmet and two nice, unstabilized strains which occured in my garden some years ago, namely "Blood of Vejle" and "Gold of Vejle", which is a selection from Blood of Vejle". These were both very tasty and very large-fruited (225-250 grammes / 8-9 oz.) and they look good as well...

Photos and links for more photos are here:

Paprika Rana Oranzova Vlasta...

Blood of Vejle... (next to is Giallo di Cuneo)

Gold of Vejle...

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Pepper Season 2009 has been planned!

Season 2009Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Sun, June 15, 2008 17:46:00

2008 is still going on and a lot of plants haven't even set fruit yet, but I have already learned so much from this season that I have planned for the 2009 pepper season - in fact also for 2010 but will wait to announce this, I just might change it anyway...smiley

Have a look at the 2009 pepper season here...

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Crossing projects of the future

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Sun, June 15, 2008 10:44:34

Last year I made my first chili crosses and this year I am doing 10 different chili crosses... But that's not all - I am also planning on doing crosses with other vegetables...

French bean cross: "Purple King x Goldfield" - a cross between a purple bush variety and a yellow climbing bean roma type (flat pods) from T & M. I would like to end up with a purple roma type, either bush or climbing, but who knows what might show up after the initial cross... Got the idea from a blog called "Daughter of the Soil" by English Rebsie Fairholm who has crossed a yellow podded pea with a purple podded pea and got interesting results - a red podded pea, however it is not yet stabilized... have a look at her most interesting work at

Tomato crosses: I already have a stabilizing project going on from some seeds of "Lime Green Tomato" I bought some years ago from Kokopelli. Seeds were not pure, tomatoes were black-reddish with impressive shoulder markings. But it was early to mature and taste was great, too. So since then I have been trying to stabilize it growing only 2 or 3 plants per year. Variety is now called "Vejle" after my hometown... See more here...

Next year I will start my project named "Sun Moon" - trying to make a cross between the English variety "Sungella" and a Russian variety named "Russian Moon Tomato" - bought it at Ebay two years ago, seller claimed that it was tolerant to low light conditions. I have grown it and it did very well, fruits were red, egg-shaped and weighed around 100 grams. See Russian Moon Tomato here: Sungella is here:

Watermelon project: Not many watermelons can be grown succesfully here in Scandinavia, but two years ago I managed to grow one nice Blacktail Mountain which was ripe 2-3 weeks before first night frosts normally set in. But a problem is to determine when a watermelon is properly ripe - Golden Midget has a nice help feature here, its skin turns yellow when it is time. Also, it is very early so why not try to cross these two..?!

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Camera replacement

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Sun, June 15, 2008 10:14:34
My old Nikkon Coolpix camera has been missing for weeks now!smiley Maybe it thought that it had done its job and found a lonely place to be able to retire... To replace it I have now ordered a new Nikkon Coolpix s700, cannot wait to get started documenting all my chili varieties...

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Time to make status...

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Thu, March 27, 2008 23:54:36

Well, it is time to make status over the success of germination.

Yesterday, the last of the 3 Aji Omnicolor strains I am growing this year broke the surface after more than 5 weeks! This means that I will be able to compare these strains - first of all when it comes to fruit characteristics, other parameters such as for instance earliness will be quite difficult to compare due to the range in germination time...

Comparison so far:

Aji Omnicolor (own seeds): 11 days to germinate.

Aji Omnicolor II (probably old seeds): 36 days to germinate.

CGN 19202 (old seeds?): 28 days to germinate.

EDIT: decided to grow only one Omnicolor from own seeds...

Also interesting, though sad, is that Pimenta Morango still has not germinated after 5 weeks, strange since seeds were very fresh (about 3 months old), maybe they require dormancy or a higher temperature..? Will give it a go again and sow again, but luckily I have an overwintered plant that is about to flower...

Paprika Rana Oranzova, a nice, early sweet pepper from the Czech Republic, which I bought in Prague in 2005, has also germinated after 30 days! Nice since the ones I already had germinating were own non-isolated seeds, so maybe they will not produce plants true to the variety... Will grow plants from the original plants isolated this year to provide a nice seed crop for future use...

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The chinenses are coming

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Thu, March 06, 2008 23:00:55

Today, more of the chinenses finally broke the surface:

Cili Goronong, Pimenta da Neyde, NuMex Suave Orange.

Also through the surface: PI 585267 (Turbo Pube) and Bulgarian Carrot (strain II).

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More seedlings!

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Thu, March 06, 2008 09:44:36

The following seedlings have emerged:

- Czechoslovakian Black Normann Strain

- Golden Nugget

- Vesena

- Starfish

- Belize Sweet Habanero

- Murupi Doce

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