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Crossing projects of the future

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Sun, June 15, 2008 10:44:34

Last year I made my first chili crosses and this year I am doing 10 different chili crosses... But that's not all - I am also planning on doing crosses with other vegetables...

French bean cross: "Purple King x Goldfield" - a cross between a purple bush variety and a yellow climbing bean roma type (flat pods) from T & M. I would like to end up with a purple roma type, either bush or climbing, but who knows what might show up after the initial cross... Got the idea from a blog called "Daughter of the Soil" by English Rebsie Fairholm who has crossed a yellow podded pea with a purple podded pea and got interesting results - a red podded pea, however it is not yet stabilized... have a look at her most interesting work at

Tomato crosses: I already have a stabilizing project going on from some seeds of "Lime Green Tomato" I bought some years ago from Kokopelli. Seeds were not pure, tomatoes were black-reddish with impressive shoulder markings. But it was early to mature and taste was great, too. So since then I have been trying to stabilize it growing only 2 or 3 plants per year. Variety is now called "Vejle" after my hometown... See more here...

Next year I will start my project named "Sun Moon" - trying to make a cross between the English variety "Sungella" and a Russian variety named "Russian Moon Tomato" - bought it at Ebay two years ago, seller claimed that it was tolerant to low light conditions. I have grown it and it did very well, fruits were red, egg-shaped and weighed around 100 grams. See Russian Moon Tomato here: Sungella is here:

Watermelon project: Not many watermelons can be grown succesfully here in Scandinavia, but two years ago I managed to grow one nice Blacktail Mountain which was ripe 2-3 weeks before first night frosts normally set in. But a problem is to determine when a watermelon is properly ripe - Golden Midget has a nice help feature here, its skin turns yellow when it is time. Also, it is very early so why not try to cross these two..?!

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