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It's alive!

Season 2009Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Wed, February 18, 2009 12:50:17

6 days after sowing, the first chinense varieties have emerged from the ground...smiley

Earliest variety this year was the F2 generation of my cross "Pequin de Ischia x Pimenta Morango" followed closely by the very beautiful Peru Scarlet Lantern and Habanero Petenero, which is a variety from Guatemala spread from a hot pepper forum by a pepper freak called Andres. It is a very pretty pepper, which looks a bit like a scotch bonnet type chinense pepper with a tail just like Trinidad Scorpion... Flavour is said to be very aromatic and heat varies from moderate to hot or very hot. It ripens from medium green to a vibrant yellow-orange... Hopefully this one will grow true to the variety, i.e. no crossing has occured in the seed stock I received... Have a look at the thread from the hot pepper forum here:

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