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Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Fri, February 29, 2008 22:06:23

First varieties have sprouted today - earliest was "Small Wild from Mexico" (syn. Pequin de Ischia?) after 8 days at around 20°C., which was really no big surprise keeping in mind that it was very early to flower and set fruit last season cropping well from June to November. Plant was cut back, repotted and overwintered - it set its first flowers of this year a week ago...

Normann's Fat F4 (9 days) is also amongst the earliest to sprout this year, which is very promising for my project of creating my own early and hardy, thick-walled variety...smiley

Sarit Gat and Vesena II (strain II) also germinated today - two varieties from which I expect a great deal regarding earliness, hardiness and total yield.

First of the baccatums is Pickles - Aji Cristal is showing sign of germination and so 1 day behind - seems that Pickles is a great choice for crossing with Aji Omnicolor for creating a new early, large-podded, wax type baccatum.

First of my crosses is Thai Orange X Goat's Weed (after 9 days) - will be very interesting to see wether plant will have pubescent/hairy stems and foliage...

For a complete, schematic view of this years varieties, look here:

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