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More varieties up and atom!

Season 2008Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Sun, March 02, 2008 21:19:33

First chinense of the year is NuMex Suave Red, though the only seedling looks a bit tiny and fragile - Arrivivi Orange seems to be breaking surface tomorrow.

Two nice annuums also sprouted today - Bombilla Amarilla and the classic, Bulgarian Carrot.

The wax type baccatums all showed up today smiley - Aji Cristal, Aji Omnicolor, C00948 and Birgit's Locoto. Campane which is a funny shaped baccatum similar to many other varieties much alike seems to be the first of the "funny ones" I have for experimenting and crossing with this season - I also have strains going by these names: Nepalese Bell, Bishop's Crown, Champion. The best looking of these strains will be used for crossing with Aji Omnicolor, i.e. the one first one to flower if plant looks strong and healthy. Goal is to create an early wax type with an attractive, odd shape and good flavour in the unripe, whitish stage.

Starfish is another even more extremely flattened star-shaped baccatum, which I will also use for crossing with Aji Omnicolor.

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