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Season started!

Season 2009Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Wed, February 11, 2009 15:05:09

And so it begins... The chinense varieties + interspecific crosses involving chinense have been sown today.

In a week, pubescens (just one, very early strain), annuums and baccatums will be put in the ground...

Se data for sprouting etc. here:

I have high hopes for my Pequin de Ischia x Pimenta Morango cross F2 generation and Donnie's Goat's Weed F2 (Orange Thai x Goat's Weed F2) generation.

Also, I am growing 4 different strains of 7 Pot, so this will be exciting, too.smiley I will be crossing the earliest strain + a very bumpy/pimpled strain with a very early and cold hardy annuum, Czechoslovakian Black, to hopefully create a nice variety for outdoor growing in colder climates like mine here in Denmark...

On the sweet side, I have several large-fruited pepper varieties for trial this year. A very nice Czech variety (Paprika Raná Oranzová, Vlasta) I bought in Prague some years ago has won hands down the last couple of years, even beating well-known early sweet pepper varieties like Buran, Healthy, King of the North, etc... I have concentrated on Eastern European varieties like Sorok Sari, Giant Szegedi and Paradicsom Alakum Sarga + bell type Gourmet and two nice, unstabilized strains which occured in my garden some years ago, namely "Blood of Vejle" and "Gold of Vejle", which is a selection from Blood of Vejle". These were both very tasty and very large-fruited (225-250 grammes / 8-9 oz.) and they look good as well...

Photos and links for more photos are here:

Paprika Rana Oranzova Vlasta...

Blood of Vejle... (next to is Giallo di Cuneo)

Gold of Vejle...

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