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The Heat is On!

Season 2012Posted by Johnny N. Olsen Mon, February 27, 2012 18:47:18

So, at last the waiting is over and I have put some capsicum seeds in the ground... smiley

Annuum sweet peppers

Doe Hill # 1

Doe Hill # 2

Doe Hill # 3

Doe Hill # 4

Doe Hill # 5

Orange Snack

Crunch Sweet Orange

Long Island


Annuum hot peppers

Orange Jalapeño

Serrano Tampiqueno

Bulgarian Carrot

NuMex Heritage Big Jim

Pequin de Ischia


Rezna (same as Vesena?)

Bulgarische Paprika (Elefant)

Donnie’s Orange Thai F3

Nagaquin F2


Purple Flash

Orange Cluster





Donnie's Goat's Weed F4


Arivivi Orange

Pimenta Barro do Robiero

Habanero de Arbol (baccatum?)

Aji Omnicolor (overwintered)

Aji Cristal


Bird of Guyana PI 199506

Baccatum nr. 6


”Piribibi” (Aribibi Gusano x Pimenta Morango) F1 # 1

”Piribibi” (Aribibi Gusano x Pimenta Morango) F1 # 2

”Piribibi” (Aribibi Gusano x Pimenta Morango) F1 # 3

(CGN 23257 x Pimenta Morango) F1 # 1

(CGN 23257 x Pimenta Morango) F1 # 2

Cili Goronong Yellow

Cili Goronong Orange

Snow White

Dutch Habanero

Petango F3 b

Petango F3 g

Petango F3 d

Petango F3 e

Petango F3 h


Donnie's Orange Locato F6

PI 585267 (low heat?)

Rocoto Peron

Rocoto Peru

Rocoto CAP 217

”Mini Rocoto” PI 387838 (aka Locato)

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